Eastside Eye Candy owner, Jaime Pedeferri is certified and trained to administer Botox® and filler. She offers expertise and professionalism determined by years of ongoing experience, education, and a desire to provide the best patient care and customer service to her clients.

In 2011, Jaime opened Eastside Eye Candy and currently has treated clients who have enjoyed her abilities and creativity in gaining back a natural, more youthful appearance. Over ninety percent of her customer base comes from referrals from her satisfied clients. Her artistry and attention to detail not only improves the way you look but also how you feel about yourself. Having an attractive, vibrant face and projecting self confidence can be a tremendous asset in both personal and professional interactions.

Jaime approaches each client individually and after observing and listening, evaluates your needs and works with you to get the best, most natural look.

Our Clinic

Jaime Pedeferri - owner

Jaime began her career at Harborview Medical Center in the plastic surgery and burn unit making a difference in the lives of adults and children with severe injuries and very complex plastic surgery cases. After four years at Harborview, Jaime worked closely with a meticulous and detail oriented, well-respected plastic surgeon learning more about the facial muscles and structure. In December 2011 Jaime opened Eastside Eye Candy. Jaime continues to keep up with the changes in the industry and maintains the highest level of certification with an Advanced Injection certificate from Aesthetic Advancements Institute (AAI). With a wide variety of filler on the market and new ones introduced on a regular basis, Jaime takes the time and energy to learn about each one of them and recommend the most effective filler for her client’s expectations and goals.

During your initial consultation, Jaime listens to your goals and your medical background and any previous treatments and outcomes. Then she will discuss with you her recommendations and expected results. Because Jaime uses the most advanced non-needle filler techniques there is less downtime or recovery time needed if any. Botox® starts to work very quickly but the cosmetic effect takes time and the full effect can come on gradually over two weeks. Jaime schedules a 2 week followup for new clients to check progress as well as evaluate any needs for additional applications.

If you would like more information about the services we provide, please call to set up a free initial consultation at (425) 466-8089